Granite Bathroom

Granite Bathroom Floor

Advantages of Using Granite for your Bathroom Floor


Believe it or not, there is more to your Bathroom Floor than what you give it credit for. Contrary to what some people believe in, selecting the best material for your bathroom floor is something to be taken seriously. Apart from the issues of practicality and aesthetics, it also involves the safety of your household. (How many people have already been injured or even died after slipping on the bathroom floor?)

This is the reason why experts actually advise people to be more meticulous and particular when choosing the material they’re going to use as their bathroom floor. And the thing is, among the most recommended type of tile for this is granite.

But what makes granite stone tiles among the top choices? Read on and find out.

Granite is durable

Basic geology tells us that granite is hard and tough. Because of the interlocking structures of the minerals within it, it does not break easily. No wonder a lot of buyers consider granite for their bathroom floor. Since it is very durable, one can make sure that it is a reliable material as bathroom floor, or any other floor for that matter.

Granite is water and heat resistant

Unlike other materials, granite can actually stand changes in temperature without showing any form of damage. This is why granite is also ideal for kitchens. Also, granite has low water absorption rate that makes it water resistant, too. But apart from these, granite also does not easily react with substances. Even if some toiletries suddenly spill on your bathroom floor, there is no need for you to worry. No harm will result whatsoever.

It is coarsely grained

This means that you would not easily slip on it even if it’s wet. No longer will you have to worry about sudden, split-second incidents that could lead to serious injuries.

Granite looks good

Besides the fact that granite is available in a variety of colors and shades, it also has a number of patterns to choose from. Choose the type of granite that best suits your preferences!

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